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The important factors influencing the sale of model aeroplane kits for beginners are:

KWIK KITS are produced using production techniques used in the packaging industry. This process enables large production volumes to be produced anywhere in the world. As such it is a strong contender in the market as it fills the gap between the latest trend of ARTF (Almost Ready To Fly) models and the build-up kits.

The industry's cheapest models are manufactured in developing counties with inexpensive labour. The quality is often reflected in the price. The disadvantage for a beginner is that these "Ready to fly" models are often built of traditional materials that do not withstand the rough handling resulting from the inevitable learning process (hard landings and human error).

KWIK KITS as a final product reflect the appearance of a traditional aircraft and yet has exceptional flying performance qualities. They can be readily modified to suit the developed flight skills of the student. Or else they can be built to the more advanced configuration from the initial base kit.

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