The concept with KWIK KITS is to provide an inexpensive, robust, easily assembled beginner's model that will attract newcomers to the sport.

Simple folding and gluing techniques are used to create a model within a very short period (a weekend). At the same time, the beginner gains the fundamentals of model aeroplane construction that are necessary for future model projects.

The simple design enables a minimum number of cardboard components to be used: Wing = 1 piece (excluding the ribs), Fuselage and fin = 6 pieces, stabiliser = 2 pieces.

KWIK KITS are capable of being modified for more advanced flying techniques. Additions to the base kit include a flat wing with ailerons and tricycle landing gear.

KWIK KITS are aimed at supplying both individuals and model flying clubs with a product that will support flight-training programs and stimulate alternative recreational activities.

An independent evaluation of the model has been carried out in Sweden. The report was made during the early development of the product and can be viewed here. For more information about the development of the model, read the test pilot's raport.

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