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Simple folding and gluing techniques are used to create a model within a very short period (a weekend). At the same time, the beginner gains the fundamentals of model aeroplane construction that are necessary for future model projects.

The primary building material is 1,7 mm plastic coated corrugated cardboard. The Plastic coated layer is chemical and moisture tolerant ( More information here). Technical specifications for the cardboard (6 kB-pdf) and the PET coating (50 kB-pdf).

The cardboard construction is based upon the dynamic properties of corrugated cardboard and uses the innovative production techniques used in the packaging industry.

The secondary building material is high quality aeroplane plywood. The components are laser-cut from sheets of 1mm 3 ply, 3mm 6 ply and 9mm 7 ply. The plywood is used to mount the engine, landing gear, and servos as well as to strengthen the wing.

The hardware that is used in the kit has been chosen for its quality, functionality and ease of installation.

An alternative material to corrugated cardboard is a new material that is under development in Sweden called Wellplast®. It is a chalk/plastic mixture that is processed conventionally as a corrugated material (not extruded). It is moisture and chemical resistant.

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